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We are very appreciate that you buy Chuwi product and support Chuwi. In order to provide a better service, Chuwi has built after-sales service station in Europe and Russia at present.
If your tablet has any problem. You can contact us first and we will deal with it for you (if it is software problem).

If we can’t deal with your problems, such as hardware problem or you need change the accessories, please finish the sheet that i have attached ( Defective device information collection.xlsx (8.96 KB, Downloads: 238) ), and we will submit it to our after-sales service station and they will contact you and repair the tablet for you.

If it is warranty period, that is within one year, any fault caused by non-artificial reason we should maintain it freely. But you need to provide warranty card and you need to pay the freight on the machine send, the freight return to you should be payed by us, thank you very much.

Everyone has any problem, you can send the email to [email protected], we will reply you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

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© 2018. iTWS HUNGARY. Minden jog fenntartva. 

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